Rep. Maza has lots of explaining to do

April 28, 2007

Rep. Lisa Maza is in big trouble again. Already accused of various crimes against the state and the people, additional charges may be filed against her for fabrication and falsification of public documents because of what she presented to media the other week.

We should ask Rep. Maza where she got the alleged documents. Are these documents authentic? Who gave it to her? If the said documents really exist, where are the original copies or at least certified true copies? We have the right to ask all these questions. 

Rep. Masa has lots of explaining to do. But she really would not because, as usual, her not so legitimate group is only after media mileage.


Etta Rosales, marginalized?????????

April 26, 2007

The net assets of Akbayan’s Etta Rosales is certainly more than 20 Million pesos.
She has 2 houses and lots in Cubao and several lots in the provinces.

Is she marginalized?

Hello OUTGOING Congresswoman Etta, please answer that.

Smokescreens to their legislative failures

April 21, 2007

Leftist party-list group Gabriela’s Akbayan-like accusation that women’s party-list Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) is a “front” of Malacañang is totally unfounded and very malicious.

The alleged document or “proof” that Gabriela showed to media —  a letter supposedly coming from an Asec. Marcelo Fariñas of the Office of External Affairs addressed to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo requesting for P5 Million to finance party-list groups, which, according to them, includes BABAE KA — is fabricated, a product of the dirty-tactics department of extremist hardliners.

In an official statement, Sally Dagami, BABAE KA chairperson, said that, “For the nth time, we want the Filipino people to know that BABAE KA party-list is not a Malacañang-backed organization. BABAE KA has not received a single centavo from the government… Just like Akbayan’s, the accusation of Gabriela is another cheap-shot by another leftist organization that is aimed to generate media projection at our expense. The document that this so-called cause-oriented have shown publicly is a fabrication. BABAE KA knows nothing about this.”

All these accusations are diversionary tactics – smokescreens to their miserable legislative work records. Her Royal Highness Lisa Masa of Gabriela and the 3 Akbayan representatives – Rosales, Hontiveros-Baraquel and Aguja – failed to author even a single bill that gets enacted into law.

But they have a ready-made excuse for their failures. They have pointed an accusing finger on the majority congressmen for not acting on their proposed bills. However, a review of the bills filed by these leftist solons would reveal the real score. All of their proposed laws are not only poorly written but also haphazardly done. Parang hindi pinag-isipang mabuti. Ipinasok na masabi lang na may mga panukalang batas.

Magaling lang talaga sila sa pagpuna at pag-akusa pero walang alam sa pagbibigay ng kagyat at wastong solusyon sa mga suliran ng mga mamamayan, bayan at lipunan.


April 20, 2007


APRIL 21, 2007

“Another propaganda scheme of another leftist organization”BABAE KA CATEGORICALLY DENIES GABRIELA’S ACCUSATION  


WOMEN party-list Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) today categorically denied that it is a stooge of Malacañang even as it challenged Gabriela party-list to file a formal complaint.


Sally Dagami, BABAE KA chairperson, said that, “For the nth time, we want the Filipino people to know that BABAE KA party-list is not a Malacañang-backed organization. BABAE KA has not received a single centavo from the government.”


“Just like Akbayan’s, the accusation of Gabriela is another cheap-shot by another leftist organization that is aimed to generate media projection at our expense. The document that this so-called cause-oriented have shown publicly is a fabrication. BABAE KA knows nothing about this,” Dagami added.


Dagami stressed that she has never met an Assistant Secretary Marcelo Fariñas of the Office of External Affairs.


“I do not know Mr. Fariñas. In fact, this is the first time I heard of his name,” Dagami stated.


 Ruth Vasquez, BABAE KA president, said that, “Mukhang isa na namang kuryente ito, to borrow media’s parlance. Kinukuryente ng Gabriela ang media sa inanunsyo nila.”


“The document shown by Gabriela could be written by anybody. It could be a product of the dirty-tricks department of extremist organizations. Wala kaming alam sa mga pinagsasabi nila,” Vasquez explained.


Dagami challenged Gabriela to file formal complaints against BABAE KA “so that we could also file formal charges against the leaders of this group.”###

Not a Malacañang stooge, no government support, no foreign funding

April 18, 2007

Two very glaring declarations from the March 21 Press Statement of Babae Ka party-list are worth repeating:

“BABAE KA is not a government-controlled party-list organization.”

“As an organization, BABAE KA never received even a centavo of assistance from the Philippine government. ”

Babae Ka is not a stooge of Malacañang. It’s nominees are not government employees and are already known publicly, contrary to the claim of Akbayan.

Oh yes, Babae Ka has government employees, even staff of the Office of External Affairs, among its officers and members. It’s their Constitutional right to join any organization as long these are legal and does not preach violence or the overthrow of duly-constituted authorities. Akbayan and other party-list organizations also have government employees as its members, and some are even from the Office of the President Proper.

Babae Ka has not received funding from Malacañang or any other government agency, as well as any foreign donor organization or government. The same, however, may not be true in the case of Akbayan and its allied organizations.

Oh by the way, has anyone heard of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung? Maybe we could ask Etta Rosales?

Akbayan’s miserable legislative record

April 18, 2007

As correctly mentioned by Babae Ka Chairperson Sally Dagami (she’s not an employee of Malacañang or any government agency as claimed by Etta Rosales) in the April 17 Press Release of the organization, Akbayan has failed to file a “pro-people and pro-poor” amendment to the party-list system law. 

What this self-proclaimed cause-oriented group proposed was a bill seeking to increase the maximum number of seats for a party-list organization from three (3) to six (6). Is this “pro-people and pro-poor”? Certainly not. 

With this proposal, it seems that Akbayan wanted to establish a political dynasty through the party-list system. Oh well… they really look like traditional politicians pretending to be cause-oriented activists with this revelation.

More on Akbayan’s miserable legislative record next blogs… Abangan!

grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific.

April 17, 2007

In his weblog, pedestrianobserver stated that, “Babae Ka is acting like a scorned women (sic)…” 

What a very sexist remark albeit grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific. 

It is precisely because of persons like pedestrianobserver that we in Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) persevere to uplift and struggle for women’s rights and welfare. We are tempted to say that he is an ugly and fat s.o.b. but that would be too personal. At best, he is an unremolded lumpen who wanted very much to be a writer but was rejected because of gross violations of the principles of grammatical construction. 

This weblogger has been lawyering for Etta Rosales. He claimed that Etta is a feminist. Duh!?! Etta Rosales a feminist? If she is, where are his pro-women bills?  Etta Rosales is not pro-women, she is also anti-family. Oh yes she is, just like her co-leaders in Akbayan. Too much readings of “The origin of the state…” by Engels made them as such. 

We would want to elaborate further on Etta Rosales and her anti-family crusade but that would be exploring into her personal and ideological life. We believe that she is still entitled to her chosen principles no matter how rotten those are. We live in a democratic country and no one should be persecuted because of his or her political and/or ideological beliefs, be that pro-state or anti-state.

April 16, 2007


17 APRIL 2007

 “Loopholes in the party-list law”

Babae Ka blames Akbayan’s inaction

Women’s party-list group Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) today lambasted the Citizen’s Action Party (Akbayan) for its failure to push for “pro-people and pro-poor” amendments to the party-list system law. 

Sally Dagami, Babae Ka chairperson said that, “This self-proclaimed cause-oriented group did not even bother to introduce a bill amending the party-list law because it is benefiting from the loopholes in the law.”  

Babae Ka also chided Akbayan for failing to author a legislation that would oblige party-list groups to reveal their nominees publicly. 

“Anim na taon na sila sa Kongreso. Nitong nakaraang tatlong taon ay tatlo pa ang kanilang kinatawan pero kahit isang batas ay walang naipasa ang grupong ito. Ngayon sila daldal ng daldal samantalang noong may sesyon ang Kongreso ay hindi sila nagpasa ng batas na magtatakda sa paglabas ng pangalan ng mga nominado,” Dagami said. 

“Sa loob ng tatlong taon, yung isang kinatawan nila ay pitong panukalang batas lang ang nagawa. Yung isa naman ay labing-tatlo, at yung isa dalawampu’t siyam nga pero puro kinopya lang naman sa mga panukala ng ibang mambabatas,” Dagami added. 

The Commission on Elections last week said that the party-list system is “vague and flawed” and it should be amended. 

Commissioner Rene Sarmiento lamented that the poll body is “taking all the punches” in its decision not to make public the list of nominees when it is simply enforcing the law.  

“The law is flawed. It should be re-examined because it is vague. I believe Congress should pass a new law or amend the existing one to spell out the nuances of the party-list law,” Sarmiento said.  

Sarmiento said Republic Act 7941, otherwise known as the Party-list System Act, only requires nominees to “represent” and not necessarily to “belong” to the marginalized sector that they claim to represent.  

“What exactly does ‘to represent’ mean?” Sarmiento asked. “It could mean that being an advocate is already enough. Another could argue that the nominee should be marginalized himself, poor or financially distressed.”  

Under Section 9 of RA 7941, the only requirements set for nominees are the following: must be a natural-born citizen of the Philippines; a registered voter; a resident of the Philippines for a period of not less than one year immediately preceding the day of the election; able to read and write; a bona fide member of the party or organization which he seeks to represent; and at least 25 years of age on the day of the election. 

“Under the law, an aspiring party-list group only needs to meet the requirements set forth in it to get accredited. However, some groups like Akbayan has dubious intentions. They obviously want to take advantage of the loopholes in the law to gain media mileage. But the question is whose fault was it? It’s really theirs,” Dagami said.#

April 16, 2007


16 APRIL 2007 

“Kontra Daya is not a genuine election watchdog”

Babae Ka dares Guingona, Dizon to reveal affiliations of other partylist groups

Women partylist group Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) today dared the Citizens Against Fraudulent Elections or Kontra-Daya to bare affiliations of other party-list groups even as it reiterated that it is not a Malacanang-backed organization. 

“Babae Ka challenges former vice president Teofisto Guingona and Father Joe Dizon of Kontra Daya to be fair to all concerned and reveal the ideological connections of alleged leftist and rightist party-list organizations, as well as those identified with the opposition,” Sally Dagami, Babae Ka chairperson. 

“These leftist and rightist organizations and those in the opposition are themselves capable of committing fraud through terrorism. Further, they also could destabilize the government through various forms of actions,” Dagami added.  

Dagami lamented that Kontra Daya is biased against organizations not identified with the opposition. 

“New party-list organizations not within their influence are immediately labeled as pro-administration and bogus while those in the opposition are hailed as genuine and pro-people, and that is unfair. They are not the only ones capable of serving the people. In fact, they have failed to serve the best welfare of the people,” Dagami said. 

Babae Ka, Dagami explained, will not be influenced by Malacañang and the opposition, as well as by leftist and rightist groups. 

Ruth Vasquez, Babae Ka president, alleged that Kontra Daya is not a genuine election watchdog but an adjunct of the opposition. 

This self-proclaimed coalition against electoral fraud is an alliance of the opposition and leftist organizations. It is not a genuine electoral watchdog as it is not capable of conducting nationwide grassroots level activities. It is a mere propaganda front with some second-rated personalities of the legal left and the opposition,” Vasquez said.#

In the news…

April 8, 2007

“For leaking names of party-list nominees”

Babae Ka to petition for Akbayan’s disqualification  

Partylist group Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) today announced its plan to urge the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to disqualify Akbayan Citizen’s Action Party (Akbayan) for “leaking the names of the nominees of different party-list organizations in violation of Comelec rules and regulations.” 

Sally Dagami, BABAE KA chairperson, said that, “The evidences against Akbayan are all documented by the various television and radio stations, and the print media. Nobody in his or her right mind will deny all these.”

Last week, the Comelec threatened with disqualification party-list groups who would reveal the names of nominees in the May 14, 2007 party-list system of elections. 

Comelec Commissioner Resurreccion Borra warned that a sectoral party organization will be disqualified “after proper proceedings and due process and the merit of the case” if it leaks the names of nominees.  

Borra claimed that the identities of party-list nominees should not be revealed or published “so as not to confuse the voters.”

He added that under the law, even the poll body is not allowed to reveal the names of the nominees since they represent the party-list and not the candidates. 

“Akbayan maliciously revealed the names of nominees of other party-list groups to grandstand and serve its selfish motive of gaining media mileage at the expense of legitimate party-list organizations,” explained Ruth Vasquez, president of BABAE KA. 

BABAE KA, according to Vasquez, will file a formal request to disqualify Akbayan. The group will also encourage other party-list groups to petition for the Akbayan’s exclusion in the party-list system of election. 

“Based on the official statement of the Comelec, Akbayan has clearly violated the party-list system law and trampled upon the rights of legitimate party-list organizations. Thus, we call on all party-list groups to unite for the purpose of disqualifying Akbayan, the violator of our democratic rights,” Vasquez said. ###