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Our Gratitude

June 1, 2007

The Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) women’s party-list would like to express our gratitude to those who supported, campaigned and voted for the organization, as well as to those who in one way or another sympathized with us during the most trying times of the campaign.

We could say that it is a campaign filled with unexpected challenges. From the start we knew that it would be difficult for us to gather the number of votes needed for a partylist to achieve its electoral objective especially given our meager resources compared to other groups. But still we persist. We dared to campaign in the hope that it will be a principled one — a campaign based on programs and platform and not on the number of posters, streamers and media advertisements.

However, we find out that it is more than that.

During the party-list campaign, mudslinging and black propaganda prevailed perpetrated by those party-list groups in power. We never expected those leftist organizations to result to dirty tricks, lies and deceit but they did.

The results of the party-list election and the ongoing drama wherein various organizations have been accused of vote padding are proofs that all the so-called charges against BABAE KA are fabricated by those with malicious and self-serving motives. BABAE KA has been vindicated.

On the other hand, our issues against these organizations are true and would be proven, if the COMELEC will not give in to pressures from these leftists.

To date, BABAE KA officers are still being harassed thru text messages. But as what we have stated before, BABAE KA will never be cowed by the bullying tactics of these leftist organizations.

The experience in 2007 party-list election will serve as a valuable lesson for BABAE KA. We shall come back stronger, better and much more prepared in 2010.

Again, thanks to all.

Mabuhay ang Kababaihan! Mabuhay ang Sambayanan at Pamilyang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!



May 5, 2007

     As described in wikipedia, witch-hunt is a search for witches or evidence of witchcraft, often involving moral panic, mass hysteria and mob lynching.  Witch-hunts still occur in the modern era.  In fact, in the Philippines it also occurs in politics with both rightist and leftist extremists as the perpetrators.

     Recently, Akbayan, Gabriela and other extremist leftist organizations conducted a witch-hunt against so-called party-list “fronts” of the administration.  For months, these leftist mongrels barked on the wrong tree.  We were accused, tried and convicted before the bar of public opinion with Akbayan, Gabriela, Bayan Muna and their leftist groups acting as the accusers, judges and juries.

     The truth has now surfaced and these extremists have been unmasked for this unjust and immoral witch-hunt against Babae Ka. For these lies and disinformation, we demand that Akbayan, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and their surrogates issue written and verbal public apology.

     But of course, they will never apologize.  The leaders of these groups are so callous.  They even think of themselves as demigods and saviors of the universe.

Babae Ka nominees

May 4, 2007

As previously posted at the website, hereunder are the nominees of Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) Women’s partylist:

1.  Rosalina Q. Dagami, nurse by profession, NGO and social worker, anti-corruption and anti-violence against women advocate. Sally is the chairperson of Babae Ka.

2.  Ruth T. Vasquez, community and religious leaders and organizer, anti-corruption advocate. Ruth is the president of Babae Ka.

3.  Corazon Tumang, businesswoman, cancer victim and patient, and health care advocate. Cora is the vice president of Babae Ka.

4.  Aida Sunga, housewife and community organizer. Aida is the coordinator for CAMANAVA of Babae Ka.

5.  Ma. Luisa Lantin, ob gyne by profession, health worker and active urban poor doctor. Luisa is the treasurer of Babae Ka.

All of them are private citizens. All of them are original officers of Babae Ka Women’s Partylist.

Akbayan spent a whopping Php25Million in 2004! It will spend more than Php50Million this year!

April 28, 2007

The cat is out of the bag!

In the April 28, 2007 edition of The Philippine Star, Akbayan was exposed for having spent Php25Million during the 2004 electoral campaign.

For this year’s campaign, Akbayan’s spending will be double or even triple that amount, or around Php50 million to Php75 million. Staggering isn’t it?

Ang yaman na po ng Akbayan. Pero marginalized daw sila at underprivileged.

But the question is: where in the hell did Akbayan get that much money? From the ten percent commission from projects that Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago exposed? Oh well, the people’s guess is as good as ours.

The people have the right to know. Dapat ilabas ang election spending nila. Dapat ilabas din ang election expenditures ng iba pang nagkukunwaring maka-mamamayang party-list.

Rep. Maza has lots of explaining to do

April 28, 2007

Rep. Lisa Maza is in big trouble again. Already accused of various crimes against the state and the people, additional charges may be filed against her for fabrication and falsification of public documents because of what she presented to media the other week.

We should ask Rep. Maza where she got the alleged documents. Are these documents authentic? Who gave it to her? If the said documents really exist, where are the original copies or at least certified true copies? We have the right to ask all these questions. 

Rep. Masa has lots of explaining to do. But she really would not because, as usual, her not so legitimate group is only after media mileage.

Etta Rosales, marginalized?????????

April 26, 2007

The net assets of Akbayan’s Etta Rosales is certainly more than 20 Million pesos.
She has 2 houses and lots in Cubao and several lots in the provinces.

Is she marginalized?

Hello OUTGOING Congresswoman Etta, please answer that.

grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific.

April 17, 2007

In his weblog, pedestrianobserver stated that, “Babae Ka is acting like a scorned women (sic)…” 

What a very sexist remark albeit grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific. 

It is precisely because of persons like pedestrianobserver that we in Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) persevere to uplift and struggle for women’s rights and welfare. We are tempted to say that he is an ugly and fat s.o.b. but that would be too personal. At best, he is an unremolded lumpen who wanted very much to be a writer but was rejected because of gross violations of the principles of grammatical construction. 

This weblogger has been lawyering for Etta Rosales. He claimed that Etta is a feminist. Duh!?! Etta Rosales a feminist? If she is, where are his pro-women bills?  Etta Rosales is not pro-women, she is also anti-family. Oh yes she is, just like her co-leaders in Akbayan. Too much readings of “The origin of the state…” by Engels made them as such. 

We would want to elaborate further on Etta Rosales and her anti-family crusade but that would be exploring into her personal and ideological life. We believe that she is still entitled to her chosen principles no matter how rotten those are. We live in a democratic country and no one should be persecuted because of his or her political and/or ideological beliefs, be that pro-state or anti-state.