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Our Gratitude

June 1, 2007

The Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) women’s party-list would like to express our gratitude to those who supported, campaigned and voted for the organization, as well as to those who in one way or another sympathized with us during the most trying times of the campaign.

We could say that it is a campaign filled with unexpected challenges. From the start we knew that it would be difficult for us to gather the number of votes needed for a partylist to achieve its electoral objective especially given our meager resources compared to other groups. But still we persist. We dared to campaign in the hope that it will be a principled one — a campaign based on programs and platform and not on the number of posters, streamers¬†and media advertisements.

However, we find out that it is more than that.

During the party-list campaign, mudslinging and black propaganda prevailed perpetrated by those party-list groups in power. We never expected those leftist organizations to result to dirty tricks, lies and deceit but they did.

The results of the party-list election and the ongoing drama wherein various organizations have been accused of vote padding are proofs that all the so-called charges against BABAE KA are fabricated by those with malicious and self-serving motives. BABAE KA has been vindicated.

On the other hand, our issues against these organizations are true and would be proven, if the COMELEC will not give in to pressures from these leftists.

To date, BABAE KA officers are still being harassed thru text messages. But as what we have stated before, BABAE KA will never be cowed by the bullying tactics of these leftist organizations.

The experience in 2007 party-list election will serve as a valuable lesson for BABAE KA. We shall come back stronger, better and much more prepared in 2010.

Again, thanks to all.

Mabuhay ang Kababaihan! Mabuhay ang Sambayanan at Pamilyang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!