BABAE KA blames leftist groups for low partylist turnout

     Leaders of women’s partylist group Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) has pointed an accusing finger on leftist partylist organizations for the low turnout of voters in Monday’s sector-based election, even as they vowed to pursue disqualification cases against Akbayan, Gabriela and Anakpawis.


     “These leftist organizations are to be blamed for the very low voters awareness about the party-list system resulting to a low turnout of participation in Monday’s synchronized national and local elections,” BABAE KA leaders said.

     They added that these groups did not introduce any amendment to the partylist system law except for a proposal to increase the maximum representation of a group from 3 to 6. 

     “These leftists did not even bother to lift a finger to amend the partylist law because they are benefiting from the loopholes in the law. They want their own dynasties within the partylist system. Further, they did nothing to educate the people on the partylist system,” BABAE KA added.

     The group also said that leftist parties like Bayan Muna, Akbayan, Gabriela and Anakpawis are already assured of seats in Congress not because of the popularity of these groups but due to the negotiated votes delivered by local government chief executives.

     BABAE KA chided the leftist organizations for “using gutter politics” instead of focusing on issues and programs during the campaign.

     “These leftists are the worst traditional politicians. They used all forms of black propaganda and dirty tricks just to be able to destroy the credibility of other groups they perceived as against them,” they said.

     BABAE KA said they would lobby for a bill introducing reforms in the partylist system including provisions against dynasties and related matters.

     “Just like any candidate, partylist organizations must have term limits. Further, the partylist system must be reform based. It must also be explicitly stated within the law that pro-administration, anti–administration or neutral organizations could participate so as not to confuse the public that the partylist system is only for anti-government groups,” BABAE KA stated.

     The group also vowed to pursue the disqualification cases it filed against Akbayan, Gabriela and Anakpawis.

     “These groups violated the partylist system law and therefore must be disqualified,” BABAE KA said.##


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