BABAE KA scores Akbayan, Gabriela

     WOMEN’s partylist organization Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) has described the disqualification cases filed against them by Akbayan and Gabriela as “blatantly unconstitutional, anti-women and anti-civil servants” and called on government employees and women to reject “these leftist organizations” in Monday’s sectoral election. 

     Ruth Vasquez, president of BABAE KA, also called Akbayan and Gabriela to withdraw from the electoral race or face genuine disqualification cases. 

     “The partylist election is not a partisan activity as it concerns the marginalized and underprivileged sectors, and women are considered as such. Even government employees have the right to participate as they are allowed by the constitution to form unions and associations for purposes not contrary to law,” Vasquez said. 

     She also described the document being presented by Gabriela as “fake” and “fabricated.” “Gabriela’s so-called evidence is not authentic. It has no bar code or hologram of the Office of the President. Furthermore, it is neither an original copy nor a certified true copy of the alleged document. Clearly, this is fabricated document in the same breath as the ‘Protocols of Zion’,” Vasquez explained. 

     The Protocols of Zion is an antisemitic pamphlet that purports to describe a Jewish plot to achieve world domination. It is one of the most well known and discussed examples of literary forgery. 

     Babae Ka likewise chided Akbayan, Gabriela and other leftist partylist groups for “having delusions that they have the support of the people.” “What happened at Parola on Wednesday was a clear proof that the ordinary masses do not support these prophets of doom,” Vasquez said, referring to the incident at the said compound wherein members of leftist partylist organizations were rejected by the residents of Parola compound in Manila for campaigning against the presence of military personnel in the area. 

     Babae Ka charged that most of the votes of these leftist partylist groups are negotiated with local politicians. “The people do not really support these leftists. In fact, the sample ballots of these groups are being distributed by supporters of local candidates in various municipalities not by their so-called organizational strength. Most of their votes will come from the command bases of the local candidates they have talked to,” Vasquez stressed.


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