Smokescreens to their legislative failures

Leftist party-list group Gabriela’s Akbayan-like accusation that women’s party-list Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) is a “front” of Malacañang is totally unfounded and very malicious.

The alleged document or “proof” that Gabriela showed to media —  a letter supposedly coming from an Asec. Marcelo Fariñas of the Office of External Affairs addressed to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo requesting for P5 Million to finance party-list groups, which, according to them, includes BABAE KA — is fabricated, a product of the dirty-tactics department of extremist hardliners.

In an official statement, Sally Dagami, BABAE KA chairperson, said that, “For the nth time, we want the Filipino people to know that BABAE KA party-list is not a Malacañang-backed organization. BABAE KA has not received a single centavo from the government… Just like Akbayan’s, the accusation of Gabriela is another cheap-shot by another leftist organization that is aimed to generate media projection at our expense. The document that this so-called cause-oriented have shown publicly is a fabrication. BABAE KA knows nothing about this.”

All these accusations are diversionary tactics – smokescreens to their miserable legislative work records. Her Royal Highness Lisa Masa of Gabriela and the 3 Akbayan representatives – Rosales, Hontiveros-Baraquel and Aguja – failed to author even a single bill that gets enacted into law.

But they have a ready-made excuse for their failures. They have pointed an accusing finger on the majority congressmen for not acting on their proposed bills. However, a review of the bills filed by these leftist solons would reveal the real score. All of their proposed laws are not only poorly written but also haphazardly done. Parang hindi pinag-isipang mabuti. Ipinasok na masabi lang na may mga panukalang batas.

Magaling lang talaga sila sa pagpuna at pag-akusa pero walang alam sa pagbibigay ng kagyat at wastong solusyon sa mga suliran ng mga mamamayan, bayan at lipunan.


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