Not a Malacañang stooge, no government support, no foreign funding

Two very glaring declarations from the March 21 Press Statement of Babae Ka party-list are worth repeating:

“BABAE KA is not a government-controlled party-list organization.”

“As an organization, BABAE KA never received even a centavo of assistance from the Philippine government. ”

Babae Ka is not a stooge of Malacañang. It’s nominees are not government employees and are already known publicly, contrary to the claim of Akbayan.

Oh yes, Babae Ka has government employees, even staff of the Office of External Affairs, among its officers and members. It’s their Constitutional right to join any organization as long these are legal and does not preach violence or the overthrow of duly-constituted authorities. Akbayan and other party-list organizations also have government employees as its members, and some are even from the Office of the President Proper.

Babae Ka has not received funding from Malacañang or any other government agency, as well as any foreign donor organization or government. The same, however, may not be true in the case of Akbayan and its allied organizations.

Oh by the way, has anyone heard of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung? Maybe we could ask Etta Rosales?


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