grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific.

In his weblog, pedestrianobserver stated that, “Babae Ka is acting like a scorned women (sic)…” 

What a very sexist remark albeit grammatically incorrect, politically wrong and very unscientific. 

It is precisely because of persons like pedestrianobserver that we in Babae para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka) persevere to uplift and struggle for women’s rights and welfare. We are tempted to say that he is an ugly and fat s.o.b. but that would be too personal. At best, he is an unremolded lumpen who wanted very much to be a writer but was rejected because of gross violations of the principles of grammatical construction. 

This weblogger has been lawyering for Etta Rosales. He claimed that Etta is a feminist. Duh!?! Etta Rosales a feminist? If she is, where are his pro-women bills?  Etta Rosales is not pro-women, she is also anti-family. Oh yes she is, just like her co-leaders in Akbayan. Too much readings of “The origin of the state…” by Engels made them as such. 

We would want to elaborate further on Etta Rosales and her anti-family crusade but that would be exploring into her personal and ideological life. We believe that she is still entitled to her chosen principles no matter how rotten those are. We live in a democratic country and no one should be persecuted because of his or her political and/or ideological beliefs, be that pro-state or anti-state.


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